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Our Expertise

Raseo Technologies has extensive experience in developing and implementing effective digital marketing strategies and systems for our client organizations. We are one of the few marketing companies that specialize in technology driven based solutions. Besides our marketing expertise we have a major business core of web development. However we position ourselves apart from other web developers because although we are capable of high design we develop everything with a marketing objective.

Based on our involvement and discussions with you it is our understanding that your core objectives can be summarized as follows:

1. An impactful Pay Per Click campaign that will drive quality sales leads and allow for themost potent keywords at the best rate.


  • Speed to Market – The proposed solution will accelerate ‘speed to market’ and market penetration.
  • Competitive Differentiation – Unique marketing and operational technology will position as innovative and a market leader.
  • Brand Awareness – The proposed solution will significantly enhance and create brand awareness
  • Return on Investment – The proposed solution maximizes ROI.

Pay Per Click Campaign Setup & Management

This is an intensive campaign set up and management, resulting in a Google Adwords campaign that will continually produce a steady flow of good leads at a reasonable cost. The campaign includes:

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Product and Market research

Client Interview with our search engine specialist to get a good understanding of the product or service they wish to sell and the people most likely to take on those goods or services.

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Keyword Research

We use various online keyword research tools to find the best suggested keywords for the product or service to be advertised. We then refine these further depending on the results from the Adwords campaign and the conversion rate of these leads.

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Landing Page Setup

We create a sales letter type landing page for each separate keyword group which then tells us where conversions are and helps create a high quality score for the keywords, reducing the bid price and cost of the campaign.

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Adwords account setup

We set up the Google Adwords account, ensure junk traffic is filtered out (people looking for jobs in that area or free services) and monitor it, eliminating non-productive traffic and slowly bringing up the quality score of the relevant keywords, reducing the bid price until the campaign is running at an acceptable level. The campaign will then run as long as you want it to and produce a steady stream of leads at a reasonable cost.


Why is important to do a campaign this way?

Most people who run Adwords campaigns simply get as many relevant keywords as they can, run one ad on them and point the ads straight to their home page. The problem with doing this is:

  • They pay a premium price for clicks as the advertisement and home page cannot be relevant for 10, 20 or 100 keywords.
  • They get a lot of junk traffic and pay for clicks that are not relevant, giving them an extremely low conversion rate (if they convert any leads at all)
  • People clicking on the ads are taken to the home page where they are confused by a multitude of options not relevant to their keyword search and they usually leave without taking any action.

Why do our Adword Campaigns Work Better?

At your request we have prepared this proposal with the details of an effective pay per click campaign using google adwords. Detailed information regarding our unique approach to pay per click campaigns will show you why our PPC campaigns get better results than the normal search engine marketing firm.


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