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Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a new method of internet marketing. It is also referred to Social Network Marketing or as a part of Viral Marketing. It is a set of methods creating buzz in related industry through social media, social networking and online community websites. It helps in driving good traffic to your website and also brand awareness.



Social Media Optimization includes various methods

RSS Feeds
Social News Buttons
Blogging(One blog per month)
Social Bookmaking
Social sharing
Community Activities
Activities on Video & Photo Sharing Websites
Forum Marketing
Blog Marketing
Article Writing & Submission(one article per month)
Online Syndication


Creating brand awareness
Monitoring conversations relating to customers and business objectives
Finding out who the customers are what they do, who they are influenced by, and what they frequently talk about
Customer’s online engagement and attention.
Establishing a presence and community online and engaging with users by sharing useful and interesting information.
Keeping a record of likes and comments on posts, and number of sales to monitor growth and determine which tactics are most useful in optimizing social media.
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